About the tutorial

In this short tutorial, all the necessary knowledge required to take the Computer Science (CS) section of the GAT is covered. The goal of the CS section of GAT is NOT to measure your prior knowledge in the subject. It is a measure of your ability to learn the most basic CS concepts. So, this material is a prerequisite to get a good score in the CS section of GAT.

There are 20 questions in the CS section of GAT. The questions are organized into 4 units namely Computational Expressions, Branching, Lists, and Strings. Each unit has 5 questions. The first 3 questions are easy and the last 2 questions are moderately tricky.

All the questions in the CS section of GAT are in the same form. To answer the question, you have to read the given code, trace it with the given inputs and select the expected output from the multiple choices. The code is written in a programming language called Python. You do not need to know everything in Python to get a good score in the test.

This tutorial will provide the Python knowledge necessary for the CS section of GAT. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to read and trace the Python code. This tutorial is organized into 4 units, similar to how the question paper is set up. Memorization of the tutorial may not help you succeed in the test. So, try your best to understand the concepts. This would help you solve the problems given in the CS section of GAT.

Write to ask@msitprogram.net for any questions about this tutorial.